September 15, 2013 - 10 years since the idea was born

In the summer of that year, I was driving through a small village where I saw a pile of old zinc beverage crates behind a fence. In September, my wife and I went to the South of France to Beziers to an antiques fair. In the morning at breakfast in a restaurant on the beach I spotted an upholstered bar stool made from two coca cola crates. I tell my wife "look, this is the best present for my birthday". After returning home,
I looked up the owner of the crates and bought them all and THAT STARTED IT.

We want to thank for the great support and advice to
Sylvie and Delfine - Paris (objets en transit)
further many thanks to
Raymond – NL (old goods)

and now
MARVEL STUDIOS which  found our furniture for their new movie GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3
Lucian – Wiena (twenty six gallery)
Stuart – London (stuart trevor)


Meating room Berlin

Private kitchen


Shop Jack Beauty department - Berlin

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